Friday, February 18, 2011

Tadash(Thana) at the middle of the Cholon Bil

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Site Name: Tadash(Thana)
Location: Cholon Bil, Sirajgonj
Communication: after Crossing the Bongobondhu Jomuna Shetu the connecting District Sirajgonj has attachted with Cholon bil, the most well known place in Bangladesh. simple communication is journey by boat and van.

Storyline: there are three temples in tadash. one is broken and others are alright. on the opposite of the road behind the temples there's also a graveyard named as a wise person is sleeping with rest in peace. it is said that a landlord, who has three wives with a huge wealth. when he died the three temples raised supernaturally. but when the dawn has began the last one was raised to it's half size and broke down. there's so many weird things happens in the castle of the landlord. said that lot of Jinns(spirits) and Snakes live in there. visit and don't miss the horrible experience.

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