Friday, February 18, 2011

Foy's Lake

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Site name: Foy's lake.
Location: Chittagong.
Communication: Easy way to visit. G.E.C circle,At the middle of the Chittagong City; there are so many rides may have waiting for you. You can go there by CAB,CNG,CITY BUS, RICKSHAW.

Storyline: foy's lake as the largest natural lake of all around the country was named from Mr. Foy, as the british East India Company Officer. now has been undertaken by Concord international development company for 100 years of leasing to build the largest theme park in Bangladesh.
the story is about 130years. there are two things. a woman and a black shadow. The black shadow only make thing happens very weird. sometime it hits on people after the evening behind the old lake. on the other side, the young woman is the warning sign for the people to leave from this place. some evidence also said that often she sat on a curve of two hills where nobody can be sitted. reall weird. don't be late to catch 'em up!

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